This kit has everything you need to help you and your kids discover art and build up a collection of art postcards from your travels and adventures together!

What’s in it?

This box is jam packed with all the tools you need to decode art. Before you know it, you and your family will be navigating your way around an art museum like pros.

Instruction and pointers for how to use this box.

Just as there is not one way of looking at art, there is not just one way to use this box. How you start is up to you. You could:

·      Start with Look closer at me questionnaire to find out what sort of art you like and want to explore. Fill in your questionnaire, then choose an artwork that most interests you. If you are going to a museum you could start in the gift shop and choose a postcard that you like. Then, based on your answers from the questionnaire, go hunt it out together.

·      Alternatively you might like to start with the Elements and Principles Spinner. Spot the trends and techniques of great artists, and apply the same methods to unpick and analyse how and why they made their works the way they did. Use the accompanying Q & A cards to guide you.

·      FUN FACTS.  Use our art history investigative timelines and record what you find by sticking in a postcard or sketch of something from a key period.

·      Collect memories and postcards. Use this box when you travel or when you’re exploring your home town to discover the art around you.

·      Use your stickers to personalize your favorite postcards to share your adventures with friends or make into keepsakes

Are you ready to be inspired?