We are dedicated to making it easy to grow self knowledge, build visual communication skills and find new ways to connect family and friends by applying lessons in art to everyday life. 

Try a workshop, book a private tour or download our app and get or give a little culture with ease.  

Whether you have prior knowledge of the arts or not, this fun workshop is your chance to rediscover your art tastes, go over the rules of art and the ideas or people behind them and build your art history field guide to share with your friends and family. 

You will leave with refreshed art knowledge and the ready to go skills and materials you want to help you and  your family explore art and artist from all around the world. 

Upcoming Workshops:     Marin 10/26/2017 10am - 12:30am  +  SF 11/8/2017 7:15pm - 9:45pm

Our family tours are great opportunities to share quality family time through exposure to amazing art.

Every tour is unique and tailored to the group. We make it easy, fun and rewarding to discover and share ideas about art and artists from all over the world. We keep you moving together with interactive storytelling and offer quiet, recharging moments filled with crafts and hands on fun.

What makes our tours so special? We don't compromise the experience of the adult or the child and this is where the magic happens! We also help you find exciting ways to take the museum experience home with you and leave the door open for you to come back. 

Love culture? Got kids? Discover the best cultural days out that all the family will enjoy (yes, even your 13 year old gamer). 

Choose where you want to go from one of our expertly curated cultural sites, and CreativeCity will help you plan a successful trip from start to finish.

The city’s art, architecture and history will come alive as you and your family unlock hidden secrets, win points and discover exciting new facts. And you can enjoy a great family day out, all without having to catch a single Pokemon!


Cities available: San Franciscoo

“There are so many different ways of connecting. I really do love this idea of identifying places and then building a curriculum around it.”