Wouldn’t it be nice to have something you can share with your kids that you can enjoy together?  An experience that can enrich your time together, give you an insight into their world as well as opening up a whole new world to them.

Now you can. A Little Culture. We’ll take you through the basics of art history, equip you with the know how of what’s what, so you can explore and better understand a whole variety of works of art. Whether you’re looking at a print in a book, to street art down the road, to a painting in a museum of a naked lady eating lunch with a bunch of men, you’ll be able to explain and explore with your family and friends a world through other people’s eyes.  

How are we going to do this?   Well, there are a few options. 

A place for parents who want to brush up or pick up art history knowledge to share with their kids. Because you have an intimate understanding of your own child’s pre-existing conceptions and experiences, we can help you tailor what you learn on the workshop to share with your child. Armed with tools and knowledge you’ll become the perfect informed guide to help your kids make personal connections with art and enjoy it as a family. 

You will leave with refreshed art knowledge, new skills and the ready to go materials you need to revel in any question your friends and family throw at you, including :  "I could make that! Why's it in a gallery?"

Upcoming Workshops:   

  Marin 11/29/17 10:30am -12:30pm   Marin 1/10/2018 10:30- 12:30   Marin 1/25/2018 7-9:30pm


With the materials and knowledge from our classes we’ll guide you on a personal tour in an art  museum. Our tours are  a great bonding experience for families, enriching knowledge of the arts…as well as our own personal feelings. 

Love culture? Got kids? Discover the best cultural days out that all the family will enjoy (yes, even your 13 year old gamer). 

Choose where you want to go from one of our expertly curated cultural sites, and CreativeCity will help you plan a successful trip from start to finish.

The city’s art, architecture and history will come alive as you and your family unlock hidden secrets, win points and discover exciting new facts. And you can enjoy a great family day out, all without having to catch a single Pokemon!


Cities available: San Franciscoo

“There are so many different ways of connecting. I really do love this idea of identifying places and then building a curriculum around it.”