This workshop will set you up the basic knowledge and skills you need to talk with your children about any work of art.   

Each workshop is a fun hands on experience for inquisitive adults, who may or may not have any knowledge of the arts. You only have to take this workshop once to have a lifetime of knowledge up your sleeve that you can add to, come back to and use again and again on any of those museum trips or holidays with the family. 

This is your opportunity to quickly grasp the main features of the greatest works of art and architecture ever created and get techniques for making your own interpretations of them. With a solid framework in your pocket we then coach you on how to share and unlock the arts with your children.


Workshops are typically made up of 4-6 participants. They are a structured blend of conversation, information, hands on projects and games. 

They last 2.5 hours and are run at set times in comfy locations (beautiful homes and offices). Once you sign up you get exact meet up details, some pre-workshop materials and a warm welcome from us. 

After a fun filled workshop you will walk away with:

  • Knowledge of the greatest works of art and architecture.
  • Background stories on the history and the people behind great works of art. 
  • A firm grasp of key movements and moments in art history. 
  • Experience in how to apply the key tools and art concepts to looking at and talking about art.
  • Tools and materials that you can use immediately to start sharing the arts with your children.

Want to bring a friend along? Great, we love sharing the love so when you book we offer you both 10% off with the code 'friends'.


Interested in offering our workshop home for friends or colleagues? Just reach out and we can make it a very special event for you plus 3-9 guests.  Contact