Introduce a new art form every month

A Little Culture Concierge - curating happiness !

We work with each individual client to create a bespoke year of events and experiences across the arts. 

Over the course of a year we plan fresh ways for you to connect to a cross section of art forms. We partner with artists, museums, theaters, thinkers, galleries, music venues and more. 

A Little Culture events include the obvious “big players” in the Bay Area arts scene, and unique, off-the-beaten path opportunities to expand your experience throughout the year. Memberships open up just 2 times a year. 

An annual membership for one adult includes:

  • The Culture Cure Express a half day sensory learning experience 
  • 4 day trips - we take you to artists studio visits, private collection tours, behind the scenes access and more
  • 4 nights out - theater, opera, food, music, film, dance and more
  • A bespoke book bundle - 5 books hand picked and woven into the year around you.
  • A Limited Edition Art work by an emerging artist.
  • 12 monthly culture focus resources (one per month / art form)
  • Member’s welcome pack
  • Priority registration and discounts on all courses  - for our Culture Courses for Kids

Memberships are limited to ensure a personalized experience.