Talk Art ! Look Closer at Art Adult Workshop


Talk Art ! Look Closer at Art Adult Workshop


In this upbeat and free flowing art workshop we start off by finding out about you and what kind of art you like (using our fun journaling game that we designed to be used with your children).

You then work with a partner and your journal to pair each other with a work of art that reflects you and your values. With your masterpiece in hand we get together as a group and take you on a deeper dive into the art with some tried and tested conversation builders.

Along the way we give you imaginative ways to share all of these tidbits and methods with your children. Getting them excited about their first forays into the vibrant and colorful world of art.

You leave with an age appropriate art hunt kit to use straight way with your children in SF and the satisfaction of connecting more deeply with other adults through a unique experience.

Our special approach is inspired by a wide range of influences including Abigail Housen's Aesthetic Development and her work with Philip Yenawine’s to create VTS Visual Thinking Strategies, Emilio Reggio’s 100 languages of Children and Erik Erikson’s 9 Stages Psychosocial Development. And, of course, by the families who have joined us at our numerous events and classes to date.

"Think of it as a book group without the reading! Or a museum experience in your home". Kate, Tiburon

“Lucie has a real gift for connecting people with art in her workshops, making everyone feel deeply heard, engaged and empowered to connect their kids with culture” Kim, SF

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