Artful Makers Enrichment Classes


Artful Makers Enrichment Classes

from 12.50

Artful Makers enrichment classes
Ages: 6+ and 10+ years
Mondays and Wednesdays

3:30-4:30pm (age 6+)
4:45-5:45pm (age 10+) 

Come paint, draw, model, sculpt, collage, cut, stick, squish, squirt, mark, make, transform, laugh, imagine, think, create, experiment and make new friends.  We help kids understand art by exploring the how and why it’s made. Come and unleash your creative powers through fun hands-on art projects, whilst exploring the background of artists who inspire us. We look at great works of art together and then craft/ make our own works inspired by them.

This Sept/ October ALC classes are DROP-IN and are $16 per class (or per hour for longer classes); buy 10 classes/hours for $125 or just $12.50 per class/hour.​ Sign up in the store and book the Thursday nights now!

Kids classes start next Monday 9/9!

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