Try a Short Course with Long lasting benefits! 

Come and join the A Little Culture crew on a short course that will take you on an art adventure across different venues linking great art works, artists and big ideas in a fun and easy going series of intimate group tours. 

We meet once a week for 4 weeks at different Museums, Galleries and venues across SF. 

2018/9 Dates coming.

We bring the Art to you with our Adult Workshops   


1. Look Closer at Art Beginner's Workshop gives you some new skills and thoughtful materials you can use with your child straight away.

In this parent-focused workshop we start off by finding out about you and get together to match each of you to the kind of art you like (using a game we designed to also be played by you and your children).

With your masterpiece in hand we get together as a group and take you on a deeper dive into the art with some tried and tested conversation builders.

Along the way we give you imaginative ways to share all of these tidbits and methods with your children. Getting them excited about their first forays into the vibrant and colorful world of art. 

You leave with some new art knowledge of your own, a handy Q & A packet and a ready made art hunt kit for your kids.


2. Look Closer at Art Advanced is a fun progression for anyone who has completed our beginners course, or has some background knowledge of art.

This workshop aims to give parents a fun way to explore art with their children. Introducing them to an exciting world of color and composition, and letting them share the works they love. 

We give you a Take a Closer Look at Art Kit and show you how art is made. How colors work together. How lines are shaped. And how light and dark complements each other.

Along the way you’ll pick up a bit of art history. Learning about the rich stories and interesting characters behind great art.

All of these tidbits and methods you’ll be able to share with your children, getting them excited about their first forays into the vibrant and colorful world of art. With your own personalized Look Closer at Art Kit to collect, build on and share your art adventures as a family.