Explore and expand with us! 

Experience art in a new way and book yourself onto a short course that will take you on an art adventure through the time line of art across different venues. Build new connections with great art, artists and the many different ideas that have shaped its' development in a fun and easy going series of intimate group tours. 

Workshops + Art Parties + Crafting + Art Meet ups 

We have lots of fun ways for you to connect with and through art, from Pop Up Art Labs, to informal meet ups at the news exhibitions and Crafts and Cocktails nights - get on our mailing list to be included.We also have these thoughtful workshops that we run in homes, offices and art venues near you:



Join us or host us for a chill night chatting, connecting and creating!

You supply the lovely people (and wine) and we bring the art! In this crafty- art party we project some great artworks into the room you are in and use some fun conversation games to get you talking about what you see (think book club without the pre-reading). We then invite you all to use your rad arts and crafts skills to hack everyday objects into useful works of art. Think Frida Kahlos’ egg cup, Matisse’s soup bowl….or ( as seen in the picture here) Yayoi Kusama’s kitchenware. Email to book yours today.

Look Closer at Art - Parent Workshop

Get some new skills that help you talk to your kids about art.

In this parent focused workshop we start off by finding out about you and get together to match each of you to the kind of art you like using a creative journaling game. This game playfully guides you on a journey of discovery to find out what sort of art interests you.

You then work with a partner to pick an artwork to match your interests and energy. With your masterpiece in hand we get together as a group and take you on a deeper dive into the art with some guided art chat using, Visual Thinking Strategies, sharing what you notice in a work of art.

Along the way we give you imaginative ways to share all of these tidbits and methods with your family and friends. Getting them excited about their first forays into the vibrant and colorful world of art. 

You leave with some new art knowledge of your own, a handy Q & A packet and a ready made art hunt kit to explore art highlights in your local area.


Look Closer at Art is a fun progression for anyone who has some background knowledge of art.

We give you a Take a Closer Look at Art Kit and show you how art is made. How colors work together. How lines are shaped. And how light and dark complements each other.

Along the way you’ll pick up a bit of art history. Learning about the rich stories and interesting characters behind great art.

For Parents

Our parent Look Closer workshops also layer in fun ways to explore art with your children. Introducing them to an exciting world of color and composition, and letting them share the works they love. 

All of these tidbits and methods you’ll be able to share with your children, getting them excited about their first forays into the vibrant and colorful world of art. With your own personalized Take a Closer Look at Art Kit to collect, build on and share your art adventures as a family.