A Little Culture aims to give parents who love travel and cultural activities the chance to share and expand these experiences with their children.

Because we believe that by experiencing art together and celebrating the culture found in the world's greatest cities - by sharing our past and our present - we can help our children build a better future. 

That's why our passionate artists, teachers, writers, broadcasters, illustrators and production teams have worked together to create a unique family of products that make your whole experience feel positive, simple and rewarding.

The foundations of our approach are:


Gain exposure to a wide variety of art forms and begin to see how they connect.  


By looking closely and engaging in thinking routines, we learn how to describe, analyze, and talk about the arts. When we critique works of art, we express our own opinions and examine how art can elicit a wide variety of emotions.


As we connect to the arts we form opinions about what we like and don’t like. Thereby gaining an awareness of our personal tastes and  sense of self.


We identify specific techniques and approaches to apply in the creation of our own art.


After gaining inspiration, we engage in hands-on creation of art. The making process will require us to synthesize what we’ve learned from looking at works of arts with our personal tastes and inspirations.


We gain an awareness of how the arts offer different ways of approaching the world and understand how the arts enrich our experiences as citizens


After engaging in the critiquing and making process, we want to share our new-found knowledge through conversations with our family and peers.