Kids Course: The Story of Art (3 weeks 3 museums)


Kids Course: The Story of Art (3 weeks 3 museums)


This short series of interactive tours is designed to help your child build personal connections and enjoy shared experiences with art, history and each other. We have designed these experiences to empower your children to be keen observers and good listeners.

Week One: Discover the Ancient Art of Egypt, Rome and Greece. Explore its' mythical beasts and try your hand at some of its amazing creative endevours that gave us language and pigment.

We meet at the Legion of Honor.


Week Two: This week we will move on in time and across cultures as we look at some of the art movements and moments in history that have shaped our world. Learn how to spot art techniques and master some fun, easy ways of looking closer at different artworks. In this week our students will learn how to use their tool kit to look closely at how an artwork is put together (its elements) and practice asking each other about what they see and think.

We meet at the deYoung Museum. 


Week Three: With the foundations under our belts is time for Art  Unlpugged- let your imagination run wild with us as we walk you through Modernism, Surrealism, Dada, abstract expressionism and more. 

We meet at the SFMoma


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Each museum session lasts 75 minutes and includes 4 pit stops to sit down, look, think and make art.

We will email you details of where to meet and what to bring after you sign up.

Each course lasts 3 weeks and each session takes place in a different museum

Your child's museum entrance fee is included in this price. Each week we meet at a different Museum.

Our tours start and end on time, so please arrive early to check coats, use restrooms and have a snack.

Parents must sign and hand in waiver before your child can participate