The Culture Cure for Adults


The Culture Cure for Adults


The Culture Cure is a different kind of workshop for adults who want to dust off that art history book, or pick them up for the first time, with some likeminded adults.

We make to fast and easy to get an overview of the history of art, the techniques used by artists and critics and the most fun ways to really open this knowledge up with your children.

In short, we help you bring the museum experience into your home so you can make it easy to take your family out to the museum.

How are we going to do this?

1- Explore your own tastes and interests-  Make a Mini Museum of Me .

2- Get under the skin of the Rules of Art : A fast track overview of The Elements and Principles of Art.

3- Practice applying these lessons by looking at a few artworks together – try your hand at Visual Thinking Strategies.

4- Build our own art history field guide to take home or share with your children at any museum when ever you want.

Upcoming Workshops:     Marin 10/26/2017 10am - 12:30am  +  SF 11/8/2017 7:15pm - 9:45pm


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Workshops are a structured blend of conversation, information, hands on projects and games. They last 2.5 hours and are run at set times in comfy locations (museums, galleries, beautiful homes and offices). Choose a date and location that suits you and we will be in touch with some pre-workshop materials and a warm welcome from us. 

Want to bring a friend along? Great, we love sharing the love so, when you book we offer you both 10% off with the code 'friends'.