A Little Culture workshop for parents.


A Little Culture workshop for parents.


Workshops just for parents. A place for parents who want to brush up or pick up art history knowledge to share with their kids. Because you have an intimate understanding of your own child’s pre-existing conceptions and experiences, we can help you tailor what you learn on the workshop to share with your child. Armed with tools and knowledge you’ll become the perfect informed guide to help your kids make personal connections with art and enjoy it as a family. 

How are we going to do this?

1- Get to the heART of your own tastes and interests-  by completing your own Culture Cure user manual. 

2- Get under the skin of the Rules of Art : With a fast track overview of The Elements and Principles of Art.

3- Talk through some of the more challenging questions art can prompt "Why are all the statues naked? "

4- Build our own developmentally appropriate field guide to share with your children at home or at any museum when ever you want.

Upcoming Workshops:     Marin 11/29 10:30am -12:30pm   Marin 1/10/2018 10:30- 12:30   Marin 1/25/2018 7-9:30pm


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Workshops are a structured blend of conversation, information, hands on projects and games. They last 2 hours ( evening workshops run on a little longer and wine is included) and are run at set times with some yummy nibbles in comfy locations (museums, galleries, beautiful homes and offices). Choose a date and location that suits you and we will be in touch with some pre-workshop materials and a warm welcome from us.