About Us


Expanding horizons…..

Explore art, learn about the world and each other


A Little Culture aims to give busy parents, who love travel and culture, the tools to share and expand these experiences with their children.

Our team of developers, illustrators, broadcasters and artists create unique experiences and products that are designed to expand and extend these experiences for families. Recent collaborations include the Asian Art Museum, For-Site Foundation and Headlands Center for the Arts.

Our interconnected offering of classes, museum and gallery tours, parent workshops, and interactive products empower everyone in the family with the props and tools they need to become an art expert; who knows what they like and how to explain why they like it.

What we do builds creative expression, critical thinking and communication skills in individuals and a deeper sense of community as you learn to work together to make meaning from art as a group.

About the Founder: Lucie Charkin:

Lucie is an art educator, curator, writer and cultural historian. She is passionate about making art accessible to all and believes in art and culture as a way of exploring identity and civic duty. She brings this belief directly into her workshops, tours and educational products by encouraging open dialogue and moments for self-reflection whilst looking at art.

Lucie has established museums, public art organizations and art festivals around the world. She is trained in VTS and Aesthetic Developmental Theory and is a specialist in Chinese Contemporary Art. She holds MAs’ in Critical Art Theory and Museum Strategy.

Lucie enjoys working with families directly as well as through special partnerships with arts organizations and educational institutions to produce unique digital content and integrated arts curriculums that reach broader audiences.