Art Smart Workshops + Courses for Kids

“The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued.” Ken Robinson

We believe everyone has the potential to be Art Smart – Creative thinkers and creative doers all in one! With a little encouragement and guidance through art activities that foster collaboration, communication and creative thinking, we’ll help your inner arty side shine through and guide you whenever and wherever you need it.

We’re more than just another arts and craft class. Think of us like an art class mixed with healthy dollop of art history. We want to help kids and adults understand art by exploring the how and why it’s made. We help unleash existing creative powers through fun hands-on art projects, whilst exploring the background of artists who inspire us. We also organize art field trips and have a range of fun art-inspired products on the go.

 So how are we different?

We look at art in different ways. We won’t just tell you what’s what, we’ll invite you to get stuck in. To explore creative problem-solving inspired by the methods of other artists and thinkers from the ancient times to today.

We do a lot of this amazing learning through the power of chat. Yes, talking about art as we make it and discussing what we see as a team will help us grow as individuals. We’ll work together to share our own ways of seeing and understanding the world.  Age-appropriate chat is at the center of everything we do. We passionately believe in talking through ideas about the art you see and the art you make. That way you can build new vocabulary, make new connections, understand different perspectives and increase your creative thinking powers!



Parent+ Baby  (4-15 months).

45 mins 10 classes


Share a wonderful learning and developmental experience with your baby through art and creative play.

The first year of your baby's life is epic! Your baby is learning about their world at such a fast pace. Your voice, body language and facial expressions all support their growth and development. And we’ve discovered its even more fun when you share in their experiences and grow alongside them.

These relaxed, sensory classes introduce you and your baby to a wide range of different artists work each week. Supporting your baby’s desire to discover the world around them and your need for adult conversation too! Exploring art, and its’ sensory materials as well as making art together builds wonder and early language skills. You leave refreshed by good conversation with some fantastic art inspired keepsakes in hand to record and share your early adventures together.


art and me

2-5 years

45 mins 10 classes


Introduce eager pre-readers to the wonders of art with fun games, hands-on projects, sensory props, and great art stories.

By looking at art and talking about what we see with peers, children learn to explore objects, colors, feelings and ideas. They also pick up on how to listen to one other, take turns and see things through other people’s eyes! Mix this with fun hands-on projects, and they get a 360 creative exploration that pulls on all their senses. Empower them to make new connections, think creatively and critically as an individual and as part of a group. These activities build self-esteem and an appreciation for diverse perspectives from an early age.

This course is designed for one adult and one child to enjoy together per class session.


Take a Closer Look

Grades 1-3 / 4-6 / 7+

75 mins 10 classes


Let your children paint, draw, model, sculpt, collage, cut, stick, squish, squirt, mark, make, transform, laugh, imagine, think, create, experiment and make new friends.


This unique art-making and sharing course blends hands-on arts and crafts activities with guided and always animated discussions about art. It’s a fully interactive course that takes your little creatives on a making, crafting and thinking journey through the story of art with rich printed materials that they can use to track history. Throughout this course students get hands on experiences of how to use different art materials and practices, and (in line with Common Core State Standards for ELA) develop their critical thinking, evidentiary reasoning, and an appreciation for diverse perspectives. They leave with new ideas, new experiences and a healthy stock of diverse art history stories to share.