Look Closer at Art Workshops + Courses for Kids

Getting into art and its' history is easy with our art workshops and field trip courses. Kids get to explore art from around the world, together, by looking at it and making it!

Packed with some art-inspired, age appropriate, enriching activities our workshops and courses encourage free expression, sharing and building on one another's ideas as we look a and make a variety of art and crafts inspired by the work of artists from around the world. We are all about getting into the creative process, looking at and trying new things and being open to making work that might not be 100% perfect the first time round.......

Our young participants are encouraged to use looking at or making exciting art with a group of peers to ponder: “What do I really value in life and how do I make choices based on that?”, “ how can I best express my authentic self”, AND " can I still be creative even if though I think I am not a great at art"? 



We invite young adults aged 10+ to join us in looking at, talking about and making art. So they can pick up some art history and explore ideas around what they value, like and want to give back to the world through their creativity.

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We give children the tools and the opportunities to work through big questions and get comfy with great art in a fast paced hands on version of our adult workshops.

We help them problem solve those difficult questions like: What is art? I could make that, why is it in a gallery? How do artists make art that becomes famous? How do I know if its good or bad art? What's going on in this artwork? Why is everybody naked?



We take children who have tried one of our workshops out into the world and show them how to use their new found art appreciation skills in a wide range of settings.  

These field trips are hands on art tours that use and include one of our Take a Closer Look at Art kits.