A Little Culture event attendees agree to / are aware of the following:

Additional admission tickets or fees may be required for some events. Your tour ticket is for your A Little Culture experience, not the institution we are visiting. 

Our high energy family field trips are designed to be engaging for all. To help make this a reality here are some pointers: 

Our explorations will last around 2 hours. This gives us ample time for little legs to walk at a gentle pace, whilst still seeing a  variety or arts and experiencing different ways to access what we see.

 Guests are advised to eat something before their guided exploration starts - to keep mind and body fully charged. Be aware that in most museums no outside food or drinks are allowed. Bottles of water are permitted.

Please be sure to have a bathroom break before our journey. Other opportunities will be provided during our tour but we want your family comfortable.

Parents must remain with their children at all times and are encouraged to participate. The tour guides are present to provide a safe, positive, and fun learning environment.

We’ll cover Museum behavior expectations briefly, but we want to ensure parents and children are aware of the rules: no touching artwork, no running, and no screaming.

A Little Culture and its staff are not liable for any damage, loss, or theft during events.

Oh and A Little Culture is not responsible for websites that are linked to our website.