Look Closer at Art Workshops for Parents

Would you like to discover some easy ways to enjoy looking at and talking about art with your kids? 

These workshops are designed and run to empower parents, grandparents and educators with the tools to look at and talk about art with children. Come and try out ways to engage the kids in fun games that will help them work out what they like, what they value and why. Have a go at picking up tried and tested discussion techniques for looking at any work of an art and take our to go kits into the world to guide you in your art adventures at home or when you travel. 

How does it work? It's as easy.. 


1. Start with our fun and informative Look Closer at Art Beginner's workshop and get some new skills and take homes you can use with your child straight away.

When you leave you'll be able to help your child decide what art they like and why, apply some new ways to get a good discussion going and have in hand some great tips and tools for fun days out. Including a to-go cheat sheet for tackling those challenging questions like "mom, why is everyone naked in this picture" and "that's not art, I could make that!", an art hunt challenge for your child and if you are in SF an app to use to help you along the way.

   "I left the workshop feeling inspired, more connected to friends and ready to take my kids to the museum that weekend to have fun showing them some art.” - Rebecca, San Francisco. 

2. Move on to our Look Closer at Art Advanced as a fun progression for anyone who has completed our beginners course, or has some background knowledge of art.

Building on your skills from the beginners course. We’ll show you how art is made. How colors work together. How lines are shaped. And how light and dark complement each other. Along the way you’ll pick up a bit more art history, learning about the rich stories and interesting characters who make it. Soon you and your children will be working your way around any exhibit like a pro.

Participants also receive Look Closer at Art Kit to collect, build on and share your art adventures as a family. 


"School was closed so I took the kids and their kits to SFMoma. We started by a Matisse and I explained how exciting Modernism was. They loved it and to my delight wanted to know more. We spent the morning chatting our way around the galleries, hunting out new things and using our kit to figure-out some different artists together. So fun!" - Alex, Tiburon


3 Enroll in an immersive My Story of Art course that will allow you to use all of your skills with a group and at different museums around you. 

Workshops for Teens and Tweens. 

Look Closer at Art

Every Friday in May 6-7:30pm

Getting into art and its' history is easy in this beginners workshop for teens and tweens. It’s just a case of looking and finding personal connections with a picture or an object that someone else made!

This 90-minute workshop for 10+ is packed with some art-inspired enriching experiences for teens and tweens. We use an art journaling exercise to help our students discover what they like and Visual Thinking Strategies to help them look at craefully selected artworks that allow them express, share and build on one another's ideas in safe, open conversations about anything that comes to mind! Plus we try our hand at making arts and crafts inspired by different artists in each session. 

They can use looking at great Art to ponder: “What do I value in life and how do I make choices based on that?”,“What world can I imagine for my future and what can I do now to plant the seeds of change?”, “What is my authentic self and how do I express this”? 

Over time anyone can build the skills (empathy, formal analysis, historical perspective) that allow you to also guess at what the artists' intention might have been, opening up a multitude of new worldviews.