Team building "meaning making" workshops with art.

It's pretty eye opening to hear what other people think is going on in an artwork and why.

And it's rewarding when a good facilitator brings these different viewpoints together, as multiple perspectives that collectively allow everyone to see the full picture!

When peer groups look at art together they create group meanings for things together. This is a powerful communication tool and a deeply human, community building, experience. 

How does the session work?

We bring a slide show or guide the group to view carefully selected artwork that we think your team will respond well to.

It's easy for us to bring everything to you but if you are feeling adventurous we can take the team to the museum.

As an icebreaker everyone starts off with a personal reflection moment filling in their own user manual for the way they see things. We then partner you up to share your journal and pair each other with a work of art that you think reflects the others core values. With your newly assigned masterpiece in hand we get together as a group and take you on a deeper dive into the art with some tried and tested conversation builders (aka Visual Thinking Strategies) that help you unpack the art together. This is when the magic happens!

After just two hours of looking at art and listening to each other participants leave with some new art knowledge, deeper connections to one another and a personal art kit that they can use to share their experience with family and friends.

We think Edgas Degas sums this whole experience up well in his statement: 

“Art is not about what you see. But what you make others see.” 

How do I book you?

Prices: team sessions for up to 10 adults start at $500 for a 2 hour workshop. This does not include museum entrance.

We'd love to work with you to create the perfect cultural adventure that will stimulate and connect your team on a whole new level. Talk with us about your goals for your team and we will find the right art for you.

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