Our family tours are designed to be opportunities to interact with your child in new ways through exposure to amazing art. They are unique experiences that let you and your child think big, share inspiration and make some great new connections. We have purposely designed this experience to offer a balance of intellectual challenge and accessible fun that anyone of any age can access on their level.

A tour offers you and your child the opportunity to:

Meet other families in a unique setting (tours are for 3-5 families) 

Ask open questions 

Think critically, creatively, independently and imaginatively

Discover multilple forms of expression and view points

Try out new things with our hands on Creativity Cases



Family tours last 50 minutes and include 4 pit stops to sit down, look, think and make art.

Our tours cost $35 per person, every family member attending needs a ticket. Children below 16 must to accompanied by an adult.  

Most museums we visit also require you to pay for your admission too. Want us to get your tickets for you? That's easy, just add the Museum entrance onto the tour price when you go to our booking page, this way you just have to turn up. If you are a member of the museum we are visiting just book your tour tickets.  Please give yourself time to pick up tickets 15 mins before we start, so you don't miss any of our great experience. 


"It's a wonderful experience that we would want to do again and I know others would too. Your approach makes the experience so much more enjoyable, accessible and digestible with little ones" - Kristen, San Francisco 


Private family tours are a more personal opportunity to get a little deeper into stuff, together. 

We take you and your children on an exploration into the fundamentals of art so we can then go off with the tools to explore a few more works of your choosing together. 

Private family tours are $300 for a 60 minute museum experience like no other. This includes museum entrance for 2 adults and up to 3 children. These private tours are lovingly tailored to suit your own family. Please contact Lucie at lucie@alittleculture.com to plan one for your family.