Art appreciation is more fun when natural curiosity meets knowledge.

Take The Culture Cure with Children. 

We believe that the most authentic and interesting way to introduce children to the wide world of arts and culture is to give them hands-on experiences and the language and tools to discuss their own interests as they relate to culture.

The Culture Cure with Children sessions are designed to be fun parent and child experiences that introduce and let you play with the big ideas behind a selection of works from a variety of practices like:

  • painting
  • sculpture
  • print making
  • film
  • contemporary art

The goals of The Culture Cure with Children is to take parent and child on a journey of self discovery through different creative processes. Exchange ideas on what you see, what you think,  gain new skills and knowledge in a relaxed setting. 

Session 1: For parents and their 4 & 5th Graders.  JANUARY 2016 Wednesdays  6 /13 /20 +27  6:00-7:15pm ( booking opening soon) 

"The principle goal of education is to create PEOPLE who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done – people who are creative, inventive and discoverers.” — Jean Piaget